BioFlo: The Next Generation Urinary Management System

BioFlo with AutoValve is a complete urinary management system designed to provide improved healthcare benefits, enhanced freedom and mobility and reduced healthcare costs for catheter users. Potential benefits include: Enhanced Bladder Confidence, Greater Freedom of Mobility, Increased Comfort, Prolonged Healthy Functioning of the Bladder and Reduction of External Contamination Occurrences. BioFlo’s patented AutoValve and Quick Disconnect collection bags have been designed to closely replicate the natural build-up and release function of the bladder while facilitating simple and fast collection bag changes. The BioFlo® AutoValve prevents urine backflow into the bladder, promotes the healthy expansion and contraction of the bladder, may help maintain proper Ph balance and may offer enhanced protection against Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection. This convenient and discreet system is your answer for greater freedom, control and dignity.

The BioFlo® Urinary Management System offers many potential health and lifestyle benefits to its users. Explore our website to learn of the advantages that BioFlo can offer you.

BioFlo’s 3 Unique Benefits: